ACR Bivy Stick Battery Life

How good is the ACR Bivy Stick battery life, especially considering that it has to sync to your smartphone all the time via Bluetooth? Well, I took it out on a week-long fishing trip near Telluride, Colorado to find out.

ACR Bivy Stick

ACR Bivy Stick Setup

First, I made sure my ACR Bivy Stick was fully charged. I also checked to ensure my subscription was active before heading out on a 7-hour road trip. The Bivy Stick uses the default settings that came with my satellite messenger, so nothing has been changed to make the battery last longer.

The Road Trip

I started the fishing trip out at 6 am, near Colorado Springs, Colorado. I made sure the ACR Bivy Stick had a clear view of the sky on the dash of my truck. I left it on all day and confirmed several times during the day that it was connected and that I could see my location on the map.

Rio Grand River Camp Site

I reached our first campsite a little after noon on Sunday and set my backpack out in full view of the sky and again, made sure it was connected to my iPhone. I spent the rest of the afternoon setting up the camp but by the time I headed off to my tent, I checked the connection again and the battery life. I still had four green bars in the top left corner of the Bivy app, indicating I had nearly full battery life.

ACR Bivy Stick Battery Life

Second Camp Site near Telluride

We moved half-way during the week to our second camp site west of Telluride, Colorado. Again, I kept checking to make sure my iPhone was connected to the Bivy app and also shut it down each night. I was pleasantly surprised after relocating our camp site to Telluride that it still had about 2 bars of battery life, indicating around a 50% battery level.

Garmin inReach Mini 2

We set up at our new camp site and started fishing again, with me constantly checking my ACR Bivystick battery life.

Miramonte Reservoir Camp Site

Amazingly enough, after six days of fishing around southwest Colorado, I still had one bar of battery life remaining.

ACR Bivy Stick Battery Level



The reason I tested this was due to a comment on my YouTube channel by “Kelly T” asking if the battery life is used up faster as it has to connect to your smartphone constantly by Bluetooth. Well, you can see in the specs below how long the ACR Bivy Stick battery life is supposed to last.

ACR Bivy Stick Specifications

You can see that ACR states that the battery life will last up to 120 hours (5 days) in the default settings and that is exactly what I found in my test.

Final Thoughts

The battery life in my field test of the ACR Bivy Stick lasted exactly how long the specifications said it would, but understand, I turned my ACR satellite messenger off every night and then back on each morning when I woke up.

If you need more then 5 days of battery life, you can always carry a portable charger to get you through a longer trip. I hope that helps and please leave a comment below if you have had other experiences with the ACR Bivy Stick or if you want to offer advice on how to extend the battery life.

Check out the short YouTube video below of the field test.

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