ACR Bivy Stick vs Somewear Global Hotspot

Let’s compare the ACR Bivy Stick vs Somewear Global Hotspot and see if one of them is the better value with more functions.

ACR Bivy Stick

What They Have in Common

  • Both Must be Synced to Your Smartphone to Use Most of their Functions
  • Topo Maps
  • Maps showing roads, trails, rivers, lakes, etc.
  • 2-Way Messaging
  • Global, Pole to Pole Satellite Coverage
  • Tracking
  • Weather Forecasts
  • S.O.S. Emergency Beacon
  • S.O.S. Built-in Button
  • Flexible Data Plans
  • Lightweight and Compact

ACR Bivy Stick vs Somewear Global Hotspot

How are They Different

  • ACR has Built-in “Check-in” Button
  • ACR has Map Waypoints
  • ACR shows Trailhead, jeep trails, mountain biking, etc. Markers

Garmin inReach Mini 2

Dumb Satellite Messengers

Both of these satellite messengers are basically dumb, unless they are synced to your smartphone. The ACR Bivy Stick is slightly smarter as the device has a check-in button, in addition to the SOS button.

ACR Bivy Stick

Topo Maps

Both devices have topo maps, visible on your smartphone, however, the ACR Bivy Stick has a more powerful map, as it shows markers for campgrounds, hiking trails, jeep trails, mountain biking trails, etc. See them side by side below.

ACR vs Somewear Map

The ACR Bivy Stick also has a filter that allows you to limit how many markers show up, depending on what you’re looking for. Another part of the ACR maps is that is shows nearby adventures. See the ACR Bivy home page below.

ACR Bivy Stick App Home Page

2-Way Messaging

Both of these devices work great with 2-way messaging. See an example below of what each one looks like.

Message Comparison

These satellite messengers are simple to figure out and sending and receiving messages is exactly as you would do it on your smartphone.

Global, Pole to Pole Satellite Coverage

Each of these satellite messengers use the Iridium Satellite Network and have global, pole to pole coverage. See the satellite coverage map below.

Iridium Satellite Coverage Map

Weather Forecasts

Both devices offer weather forecasts, however, the ACR Bivy weather forecast is slightly more detailed. See examples of each below.

Weather Comparison

SOS Function

Each of these devices has an SOS function and button, and are equally efficient at requesting help.

Flexible Data Plans

See the ACR data plan below.

ACR Bivystick Data Plan

See the Somewear Global Hotspot data plan below.

Somewear Global Hotspot Data Plan

Final Thoughts

The ACR Bivy Stick and the Somewear Global Hotspot are both exceptional 2-way satellite messengers and are nearly the same size and weight. The Somewear Global Hotspot is wider but not as tall. They both fit easily in or on your backpack and have great global satellite coverage.

The ACR Bivy Stick has a built-in “check-in” button and has more to offer on the map, plus the weather forecast is more detailed. It is more expensive then the Somewear Global Hotspot, but worth the extra money, in my opinion.

You can read more about each of these satellite messengers by clicking on the links below.

ACR Bivy Stick

Somewear Global Hotspot

Check out this in-depth comparison video below on YouTube.

ACR Bivy Stick Two-Way Global Satellite Communicator Device - SOS, SMS, Tracking, Weather Report, and Share Location
  • No activation or annual fees | Global satellite coverage (Iridium)
  • Send and receive messages via satellite | Weather forecasts via satellite
  • SOS monitoring via satellite (Global Rescue) | Location tracking and sharing via satellite
  • Map display and navigation | Offline maps
  • One-touch Checkin (available directly from device and via the app) | Hundreds of mounts available

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