ACR ResQlink View

ACR ResQlink View

  • SOS Distress Call
  • BuoyantACR ResQlink View
  • Digital Display
  • Live Status & GPS Coordinates
  • Strobe Light & Infrared Strobe
  • Homing Capability
  • Global Satellite Coverage
  • 100 Meter Location Accuracy
  • Easy emergency activation
  • Self Test Function
  • Multi-Function Clip Included
  • Customize Your ACR Skin
  • 5 Year Battery Life/28 Hours Operational Life
  • Size = 4.52″(L) x 2.03″(W) x 1.49″(D)
  • Weight = 5.22 oz.
  • Pro’s
    • COSPAS/SARSAT’s reliablilty and long track record
    • No annual subscription fees
    • Simple operation
    • Digital Display
    • Excellent “emergency-only” personal beacon
  • Con’s
    • No 2-way messaging
    • No sharing or tracking

Buoyant Personal Locator Beacon

It may be small, but it’s tough. The ResQLink View Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) is a buoyant, GPS-enabled rescue beacon that’s suited for outdoor adventures of all sizes (think: everything from hiking and cycling to hunting, fishing, boating and sailing). Should you run into an unexpected survival situation, the ResQLink View PLB will relay your location to a network of search and rescue satellites, allowing local first responders to more easily get you home safe and sound.

ACR ResQLink View - Buoyant Personal Locator Beacon with GPS for Hiking, Boating and All Outdoor Adventures (Model PLB 425) ACR 2922
  • Once activated, an SOS distress signal with GPS position is sent direct to Search and Rescue forces worldwide using the 406 MHz Emergency Distress Signal with 121.5 MHz Homing Signal (No Subscription Required)
  • Small, rugged, lightweight personal locator beacon that is buoyant and includes attachment clips including a belt clip, oral inflation tube clip, straps and lanyards for increased wearability for hikers, boaters, campers, climbers, RVing and all your outdoor adventures
  • Send pre-canned non-emergency self test and GPS test messages to multiple contacts via text message (SMS) and email with a customized message using the optional 406Link testing subscription
  • Global Coverage using the 3 satellite constellations of COSPAS-SARSAT, which sends your distress message directly to Search and Rescue agencies worldwide without the need for a rescue monitoring center
  • A bright LED Strobe light as well as an Infrared Strobe light ensures multiple visual signals to rescuers

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ACR ResQlink View Specifications

ACR ResQlink View


World Wide Coverage


2-Way Messaging




Tracking & Sharing


Initial Cost & Subscription Plan



  • SOS Distress Call
  • Long Battery Life
  • Global Satellite Network
  • No Subscription Plan
  • Reliable Network


  • No Messaging
  • No Navigation

8 thoughts on “ACR ResQlink View”

  1. My son is going on a summer camping with his friends and it is only natural for me to be worried as parent in order to be sure he would be safe. I have decided to get a much more simpler to operate device like this ACR ResQlink 406 so that he can be reached by his friends should if he were to be in any sort of danger whatsoever. Thanks so much for suggesting and revising this. It is very easy to operate and that is a plus because he is just 12 years old and might not be good with operating a complicated one. Is there a way I can get this at a local store?

    • A simple device would be better for younger people. He would just need to understand that it is for life-saving emergencies only. I have read where many of the emergency services are getting slowed down to the number of non-life saving emergencies they have to respond to.

      I would check with local stores in your area if you want to buy locally. You may pay a higher price though and it is always a good idea to do your research online and see where you can get the best deal.

      I hope this helps,


  2. Won’t be good if I don’t say but the act resqlink is a bit pricey there but with the value it offers, it’s a good one. I don’t think that it being heavy is fit for ithat feature to be called a pro. There’s no denying that the product is good and it works well looking at all the features all together. I think that the heaviness might be caused by the good battery. Being safe is important when hiking and this can be the perfect pick for safety just in case. Nice post here.

    • Thank you John. The ACR ResQlink 406 also has a built in strobe light which also adds to the size and weight but I would like this when the rescue team is trying to find me at night.

      The initial cost is high but there is no monthly or annual subscription fee as there are with most of the Satellite Messengers and that would make this a less expensive locator beacon, easy within the first year.


  3. I always enjoy hiking and cycling a lot and most times anyone who loves himself would get himself equipped with a very durable and trustworthy beacon. I really like what I have read so far about the ACR ResQlink 406 . Its features are super and fits my meaning of rugged… The fact that it has no subscription fee and it is environment friendly is encouraging and I would love to purchase it. Thanks for saving me time and engaging in this great research….

    • You are welcome and thanks for stopping by and commenting. Many of us only need the peace of mind that a Personal Locator Device (PLB) offers. I know for myself that I don’t like to be bothered when I am in the outdoors and I often wonder if I would keep the 2-way messaging a secret (only offered in some Satellite Messengers) from my family unless I needed it. The ResQlink 406 would be the answer for many of us, to know we could be rescued if the worst did happen.


  4. Hi, thank you for highlighting this product. I have seen many episodes of survival shows and shows where they almost didn’t survive and wondered what products exist to aid in rescue and survival. This seems perfect. I do have a question or two. Can you use rechargeable batteries in this? If not, is it expensive to replace the batteries? Thanks

    • The ACR ResQlink 406 Personal Locator Device (PLB) has a 7 year battery life. The battery cannot be replaced by yourself or charged. The battery is not used unless you activate it. You have to send the PLB back to the manufacture to be replaced at 6 years. The nice thing is that they will replace the battery for free if you use it.

      I have found 5 authorized dealers in the Denver area that are authorized to replace these batteries. There are many all around the country that will do this. I have seen a few dealers that charge around $38 to replace the battery, plus shipping, if you have to send it in.

      Let me know if this helps.



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