Garmin inReach Explorer Field Test

Here’s our latest Garmin inReach Explorer Field Test.

This will be the first of many field tests as we discovered we still had some research to do and functions to test more thoroughly.

Garmin inReach Explorer Field Test 1

We tested the Garmin Explorer on the San Carlos Trail southwest of Pueble, Colorado this weekend. Let me give you a quick run down on how the field test went.

Honestly, I felt a little unprepared when we took the inReach Explorer into the field as my daughter was home from college and we didn’t have as much time to prepare as I would have liked.

Test 1

The first test was to check and ensure our phones were synced up with are Garmin inReach devices. SUCCESS!

Test 2

We sent a Pre-Defined Message telling everyone that we had started on our hike. SUCCESS!

Starting My Trip

Test 3

Waypoint sent from my Garmin inReach Mini to Caleb’s Garmin inReach Explorer+ for a location we could meet up.

Garmin inReach Navigation Field Test

This was a partial success. I was able to see the waypoint on my Garmin Mini and navigate to it but Caleb was not able to do it on his Garmin Explorer+. I’m sure this is operator error, as in a setting needs to be changed, and we will be working out this issue on the next hike and field test.

Test 4

This test was sending messages between Garmin inReach devices. Garmin gives each person with a inReach subscription, an inreach email. You need to enter this email into your contacts so you will be able to select it when sending messages between inReach devices.

Garmin inReach Message Test

The first image on the left shows where the message was sent from on the trail and the image on the right shows the sent message from Rick’s inReach Mini and the reply from Caleb’s inReach Explorer+.

Test 5

This last test was to check and see what the elevation was on the trail where we were at. You can see from both my Garmin Mini and Caleb’s Garmin Explorer+ that it does show the elevation on each device.

Garmin inReach Trail Elevation Information

The elevation shown was 8104 feet and 8122 feet but that is close enough for me. It’s possible that the Garmin Explorer+ is more accurate on the speed of movement and altitude as it has the built in altimeter, barometer and accelerometer.

Final Thoughts

We could have been more prepared for this field test but of course we learned some things we need to improve on next time.

I will be researching more on the Garmin inReach Explorer+ and it’s functions this week and we will be conducting a 2nd field test this coming weekend.

You can see a short YouTube video of this field test below.

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12 thoughts on “Garmin inReach Explorer Field Test”

  1. I was wondering if you need another Garmin inReach Explorer device at your home base so, more than just your hiking mates can see where you are?  

    I’m asking because you said you sent a pre-defined message to let everyone know you began your hike (gorgeous scenery in that video by the way!)   Maybe it’s a silly question but, I’m just wondering how many people can access your data from one subscription?  

    I’ve been doing a lot more hiking since we’ve moved into the countryside and, I know devices like these are way beyond what my walkie talkies can provide!  I’m looking forward to the next Test run!  

    • You only need one Garmin satellite messenger per person or for the hiking group but you can create a map share page so thousands of people can see your location and you can add as many contacts as you want so you can message your family and friends.

      Walkie talkies may be good for communicating with people near by but it won’t be able call for a search and rescue team or message people from long distances.



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