2 thoughts on “Garmin inReach Explorer Plus | Account Setup”

  1. I love web instruction manuals for people that actually own the product. Is the garmin inreach something that people who go out to the middle of nowhere should keep with them? Looks like it is direct satellite linking where as phones depend on ground towers. I will be looking forward to the travels you take with the Garmin and see how it works. I myself I am planning to move out to the country in the future and one of these may be good for me on days where I feel like exploring

    • Hi Gary. 

      Yes, the Garmin inReach Explorer+ and the Garmin inReach Mini are satellite messengers that need no cell service, only a view of the sky.

      My son and I were out today in southern Colorado, testing out both of these. We were messaging each other, following the topo maps and even sending locations to where we could meet up if we were separated or one of us found a great camp site, photo op, etc.

      I have hiked for over 30 years without one of these but I never leave home on an outdoor adventure without one these days.



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