Garmin Messenger App and the inReach Mini 2

Here’s how the Garmin Messenger App and the inReach Mini 2 expands your texting options.

Garmin inReach Mini 2

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Garmin Messenger App & inReach Mini 2

Follow these steps to help you get set up more easily.

Let’s Start with Some Preparation Notes

First off, here are some things that slowed me down when I started this test and caused me some frustration:

  • Make sure your Garmin inReach satellite messenger has an active subscription
  • You may need to remove your device from both the Explore App and the Messenger App

Remove device from Explore App

  • I had to pair my Garmin inReach Mini 2 with the Explore App and the Messenger App again

Pair Garmin inReach Device

  • I created this test with my two kids and I had to send them an invitation from the Messenger App so they could also download it and sign up.

Share Garmin Messenger App with Friends & Family

  • Lastly, make sure your Explore App is set to “DELEGATE TO MESSENGER” App.

Delegate to Messenger App

Note: If you don’t select the “DELEGATE TO MESSENGER,” You will still be able to send messages as you have in the past but only on the Explore App, but you won’t have the Group Chat, and you won’t have the luxury of the Messenger App automatically switching between Cell Service and Satellite Service.

Garmin inReach Mini 2

NOW, On to the Messenger App

I know, that was a lot, but know you understand my frustration as I was trying to group message my kids. I started out with a group message without them having the Messenger App, but when I sent the group message, it was received by them as a single message.

So, I had to dig a little deeper and found that everyone you want in the Group Chat, MUST have the Messenger App. That’s why I went through all the steps above so that we could get to this point and have it all work out.

REMINDER: Make sure everyone you want in a Group Chat, has downloaded the messenger App.

  • Now, when you get into the Messenger App, everything will work as normal, however, everyone who has downloaded the Messenger App will now show up with an orange ICON. Check out the example below.

Orange ICON When the Messenger App is Downloaded

  • Finally, when you message in a Group Chat, everyone shows up in that chat and can see each other’s chat.

Group Chat with Garmin Messenger App

Final Thoughts

Using the Messenger App with the Garmin inReach Mini 2 is awesome, however, you can see you may have to jump through a few hoops and get your team ready before you can use the Messenger App smoothly.

Remember, the Messenger App is not only for Group Messaging, but for transitioning automatically from Cell Service to Satellite Service, which will make your life a little easier.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or are still having trouble using the Messenger App.

Note: Remember, as of December 2022, the Garmin inReach Mini 2 is the only Garmin device that is compatible with the Messenger App.

Check out the YouTube video below for more information.

Garmin inReach Mini 2, Lightweight and Compact Satellite Communicator Bundle with Tether Accessory
  • The Garmin inReach Mini 2 is a compact, lightweight satellite communicator that enables two-way messaging and interactive SOS globally with active satellite subscription. It has Bluetooth connectivity and is water resistant.
  • Comes with a tether accessory that is compatible with multiple Garmin devices like Oregon, Alpha, inReach, GPSMAP and eTrex. The tether has a durable nylon harness wrap with adjustable strap from 2 to 14 inches.
  • The inReach Mini 2 can navigate back to starting point using TracBack routing and share real-time location via MapShare page.
  • Digital compass in the inReach Mini 2 provides accurate heading information even when stationary.
  • Sync the inReach Mini 2 with Garmin Explore app to access maps, create waypoints and courses.

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