Portable Solar Charger Review

Check out this Hiluckey Portable Solar Charger Review and field test to see how well it works.

Hiluckey Portable Power Bank Features

  • Hiluckey Portable Solar Charger25000mAh High Capacity
  • Charges Your Phone 8 to 10 Times
  • Four Solar Panels
  • Panels Reach 6W in Direct Sunlight
  • Fast Charging 15W Outputs
  • One USB C Port and two USB A Ports
  • Dust, Shock and Splash Resistant
  • Hang on Backpack when Hiking
  • Built-in LED Flashlight
  • 2.5X Recharging with PD Fast Charger

BioLite 10W Solar Panel

Field Test

I fully charged the Hiluckey Solar Charger the first time out of the box and after that, I was able to charge up at least 10 of my satellite messengers.

After running the battery down to zero, I put the solar charger out in direct sunlight on my deck and it completely recharged itself within around 10 to 12 hours in direct sunlight.

I bought some elastic Velcro straps to wrap around my backpack to help hold the portable solar charger in place so it wouldn’t move around during a hike and that worked really well. Here are the 30″ elastic Velcro straps I used.

Velcro 30 Inch Elastic Straps

Final Thoughts

This is the first portable solar charger I have owned and field tested. It folds up to the size of my phone and then expands to the 4 solar panels for faster charging, which makes it really convenient for me. I like how fast it charges my devices and how many devices it was able to charge up, plus I can hook three devices up to it and charge at the same time.

Hiluckey Portable Solar Charger on Backpack

So far, I have been impressed with this solar charger, but will continue using and testing it to see how it does over the next few years.

Here is a short YouTube video of the Hiluckey solar charger field test.

Hiluckey Solar Charger 25000mAh, Outdoor USB C Portable Power Bank with 4 Solar Panels, 3A Fast Charge External Battery Pack with 3 USB Outputs Compatible with Smartphones, Tablets, etc.
  • 25000mAh High Capacity: The solar power bank charges up 6-8 times for a cell phone and 2.5 times for a tablet, great for a week-long trip.
  • Large Solar Panels: This solar charger comes with 4 high-performance solar panels that can reach 6W in direct sunlight to keep your phone up and running even in places without electricity.
  • Fast Charging: With the upgraded 15W output, the portable solar charger can fast charge an iPhone to 50% in 30 minutes. One USB C port and dual USB A ports achieve the simultaneous charging for three devices.
  • Perfect for Outdoors: Built in bright flashlight; Compact and easy to hang it on your backpack to get sunlight, a must-have for various emergencies.
  • 2.5X Recharging: The USB C port supports both input and output. A full recharge will take about only 8 hours with a PD fast charger (not included). Internal security system protects your device from damage.

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