Garmin InReach Explorer+

You may venture off the grid

but you can still stay in touch

as long as you’re carrying the

Learn more about the Garmin inReach Explorer+ Here

Garmin InReach Mini

The Garmin inReach Mini is your go-to connection for maintaining

off-the-grid contact with friends and family

It’s a palm-sized satellite communicator

for adventures where size and weight matter

Learn more about the Garmin InReach Mini Here


The SPOT X provides 2-way satellite messaging

so you can stay connected to family and friends

whenever you’re outside of cellular range

including direct communication with

Search & Rescue services in case of a life-threatening emergency

Learn more about the SPOT X Here


The SPOT Gen3 gives you a critical

life-saving line of communication

when you travel beyond the boundaries of cell service

Learn more about the SPOT Gen3 Here

Somewear Global HotspotCommunication is essential for any outdoor pursuit

The Somewear Global Hotspot enables any smartphone with satellite connectivity

giving you the reliable coverage needed to explore with confidence

Learn more about the Somewear Global Hotspot Here

ACR Bivy StickSend or receive a text message from anywhere in the world

You can share your location via text message, Facebook or Twitter

Let your loved ones know where you are and keep track of your progress on our detailed topo maps

When things don’t go as planned, ACR Bivy Stick will get you in contact with emergency services using GEOS with 24/7 monitoring

Communicate with local emergency service directly to ensure a fast and efficient rescue.

Learn more about the ACR Bivy Stick Here


Go Tenna MeshMeet the sleek, lightweight device that pairs with your smartphone

and keeps your group connected when venturing off grid

Download the goTenna app, pair to your phone via Bluetooth

and start communicating with other users at point-to-point ranges

of typically up to 4 miles without cell service or wifi

Learn more about the Go Tenna Mesh Here

If you would like additional information or to see other models, go to my REVIEW PAGE, or send me an EMAIL.

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