SPOT Gen3 Review | Trial Run

After my SPOT Gen3 was delivered this weekend, and after the activation was complete, it was time for a trial run.

SPOT Gen 4

Trial Run with my SPOT Gen3

I’m not sure you can call this a hike or even a trail, but it was dirt and rocks for a little ways and then nicely maintained gravel for about two miles, but it did do the trick and let me get about 3 miles in so I could make sure my SPOT Gen3 worked and that it was connecting to the satellites.

SPOT Gen3 on DaypackI was a little concerned at first after I turned it on and I didn’t see all the lights come on as I believe the Manuel said they would. I headed out to trail anyway, believing that it would be more enjoyable working things out there rather than in the back yard.

After turning it on and messing with the buttons a little, I decided to start the tracking function and started off on the trail, hoping that I had held my tongue just right or I was just overthinking things.

Well, immediately some more lights came on and the GPS light started blinking, showing that I was receiving information from some satellites. Another light started blinking, which was the message light, which I believe was letting me know it was sending tracking information to my family and probably big brother.

After about 20 minutes I refreshed the SPOT app on my phone and there they were, some pins showing on a map where I had been.

SPOT Gen 4

(Side Note: You need to download the SPOT app to see the tracking pins and your family and friends would need to do the same thing).

I had a great hike (or walk) and I met several nice people along the way and was able to witness a stunning sun set. Oh how nice it is to watch the sun set over the Colorado Rockies.

After getting back to my truck, I took a snap shot of the dropped pins from my phone and then shut the SPOT Gen3 down.

I loaded up the SPOT Website with my account to see the following pins also displayed there.

SPOT App with Pins on 1st Trail

AllTrails Website Map

I have noticed while looking through my settings that there are 10 pre-programmed messages I can send out but I’m not sure how that works yet. I hate to say this but I will be writing another blog when I hit a heavily wooded trail next week and by then I will have figured out how to send any or all the pre-programmed messages.

For now, I need to get some rest so I can function at work tomorrow but I wanted to get this loaded quickly so you could see that the SPOT Gen3 really does work and it is super easy to get working…as long as you don’t over think things.

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If you would like additional information or to see other models, go to my REVIEW PAGE, leave a COMMENT BELOW or send me an EMAIL.

Check out this new version of the SPOT Gen 3 in this YouTube Field Test video below.

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Until next time, have a great day and enjoy the picture of the incredible sunset.

Colorado Rocky Sunset


10 thoughts on “SPOT Gen3 Review | Trial Run”

  1. I hope to get mine soon and from your description, you seem to be enjoying your device already. Some people do not really know the importance of getting this device for themselves, saying its not really necessary they get ut. I love the working process of this device and the idea of getting the app for you and your family on your phone is really cool, its been one of the questions in my mind about this device. I hope to get an info about this device when used in a cave though. Thanks for the information.

    • Hi Dane. I’m sorry to tell you that you will be out of luck in a cave. You have to get at least a partial view of the sky for it to connect to the satellites. I don’t want this to come off sounding sick but if you were in trouble and in a cave, you would have to find a way to get yourself at least partially out to send a signal so help could find you.

      There are limitations with all devices but that will not stop me from doing all I can to provide extra safety for me an my family. 

      Let me know how you like your SPOT Gen3 when you get it.


  2. What a great product and quite literally, a life-saver for anyone who is looking to go for long hikes on their own. I go on hikes whenever I can and also go hunting and I have often wondered if there was any kind of device that would be able to let my family know where I was and that I was ok, especially if the cell service is iffy. It’s nice to know that with this, some of that anxiety could be relieved. Great tool and nice review! Thanks!

    • Thank you for stopping by and sharing your comments. I always think of this for hiking or backpacking but hunters do just as much backpacking themselves and are always away from people and this would be a great device for them and their families.


  3. It’s good to know that the SPOT Gen3 is a reliable device. I’ve been looking into getting one so this has been a much needed review. I’m always concerned about not having service when I’m out hiking and I’m sure my family is concerned as well because sometimes I head out alone. After reading this, I’m seriously considering getting one. I’m glad you enjoyed your hike.

    • It was an incredible evening, not only because of the scenery but also because I knew I had a great satellite messenger that can now keep me a little more safe on my adventures.

      I would recommend the SPOT Gen3 for anyone who wants the security of the SOS function and some non-emergency outgoing messages but its also great for those who want to get an emergency locator and don’t have a lot of money to spend.


  4. I believe you had an exciting experience with the spot gen 3. I always see hiking to be much fun and hikers, to me, are extra ordinarily brave people. It is all the more interesting how technology has introduce a device like the spot gen 3 to track your location. 

    I will really love to have my first hiking experience. Thanks for the inspiring review.

    • You are so welcome. No matter where you are, you can find a place to hike. They’re not all as beautiful as the Rocky Mountains but they can be great times for you and your friends.

      Just don’t be like me and wait 50 years to get an emergency locator device. I have heard to many stories of people needing an SOS call button and I myself have been close to needing it a few time. Fortunately, when I was miles away from anyone, the poisonous snakes decided to leave me alone. Don’t let that stop you from venturing outside though.


  5. Hello!

    I have been eyeing a satellite communication device for a long time now. Ever since I started watching horror films (*you know where they go through places they do not know and stuff*), I’ve always wanted to have something like this. But I have rather just a simple doubt.

    Will such a device work in every part of the world? Or just under some well known, already covered regions? Thanks for the post.



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