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Why is the SPOT X Messenger important to carry on your pack?

SPOT X Bluetooth

I carry my SPOT X Satellite Messenger on day hikes and overnight backpacking trips and I find it valuable for the following reasons:

  • Emergency S.O.S. Distress Call
  • 2-Way Messaging to Keep in Contact with Family/Friends/Hikers in Group
  • Tracking Feature for Others to Check on Your Status/Location
  • Navigation Function to Assist in Locating Points or Each Other
  • Compass for Orientation

There are several additional SPOT X functions but I have listed those that are the most important to me.

Emergency S.O.S. Distress Call

SPOT X S.O.S. Distress Call

It’s nice to know that there is an S.O.S. distress call button on the left side of the device if you find yourself in a life-threatening situation. My daughter is on a search and rescue team here in Colorado and her team is called out several times each week. It’s amazing how many of people they get called out to find or extricate from the area, don’t have any form or communication, when outside of cell coverage.

I have been hiking enough in the mountains to know just how often you are outside of cell service and also how many times I or someone in our group has been close to being in a life-threatening situation.

I don’t leave for a hiking trip without my SPOT X anymore.


2-Way Messaging

The great thing about the SPOT X is its ability to message 2 ways, but also almost as important is the built-in keypad that allows you to type in custom messages much faster than the competition.

SPOT X 2 Way Messaging

You can see from the image above, the built in keyboard which makes typing much easier and faster. The SPOT X fits easily on my daypack strap, and comes with a hook, that allows me to detach it to check messages, navigate, or send messages.

Tracking Feature

My family loves the tracking feature because to often, I am hiking by myself and they feel more comfortable when they can see where I am and that I am still moving. If they see me staying in the same location for a long period of time, they can message me to see if everything is okay.

SPOT X Tracking Reports

I also like the tracking feature as I can see where I have been, after getting back home, and show others the tracks that were laid down so they can see where the trail is.

Navigation Function

The navigation function is nice because I can list waypoints that help me navigate on the trail or better yet, allows me to send my location to others in my hiking party if we get separated, so we can navigate to each other to meet up again.

SPOT X Navigation

My one concern or reservation about the SPOT X’s navigation abilities is the inability to see a map on the device, which would make it easier to navigate. The compass or bearing that is built into the SPOT X is valuable but is limited when you cannot see the trail and how you would actually navigate to your waypoint.

The mountains here in Colorado make nearly impossible to navigate directly to your waypoint. You always have to follow a trail or find terrain that is passable due to the steep mountains or valleys.

Compass for Orientation

The compass is helpful but you always need to calibrate it before using it on any hike.

SPOT X Built-In Compass

The problem I have found with the compass is that the direction can vary by 20 degrees or more which makes navigating to a waypoint challenging.

Final Thoughts

I love having the SPOT X with me on hikes but I like it for the S.O.S. distress call function, tracking, and 2-way messaging primarily. The navigation functions is something I rarely use, due to its inability to display topo maps.

There are many things I have yet to learn here in the Rocky Mountains but the most important thing I have learned this year is to not leave home without one of my Emergency Satellite Messengers. It gives me and my family more confidence when I’m out on the trail.

No one wants to end up needing a rescue helicopter but you’ll be glad that you can contact a rescue team if the worst should ever happen.

SPOT X & Rescue Helicopter

I would love to hear from you if you have ever been in a situation where you needed help. Please leave a Comment Below or send me an Email.

Check out this YouTube video below about the SPOT X Bluetooth field test.

Spot X with Bluetooth 2-Way Satellite Messenger | SOS Protection | Handheld Portable 2-Way GPS Messenger for Hiking, Camping, Cars| Globalstar Satellite Network Coverage | Subscription Applicable
821 Reviews
Spot X with Bluetooth 2-Way Satellite Messenger | SOS Protection | Handheld Portable 2-Way GPS Messenger for Hiking, Camping, Cars| Globalstar Satellite Network Coverage | Subscription Applicable
  • SYNC WITH BLUETOOTH: Connect to SpotX to cellphone so you can communicate with family or even search and rescue; Use as a standalone communication device with it's own dedicated US mobile number to receive messages
  • PEACE OF MIND: Send S.O.S. to 24/7 Search & Rescue service, message back and forth about the nature of your emergency, receive confirmation when help is on the way; Message any cell number or email address virtually anywhere
  • GLOBALSTAR SATELLITE & SPOT products use GPS to determine location and transmit GPS coordinates to others; SPOT users can notify friends, family or emergency rescue their exact GPS coordinates
  • WHAT'S IN THE BOX: SpotX Device, strap and carabiner, micro usb data/power cable, quick start guide, SOS mirrored sticker, warranty card and kickstand
  • PURCHASE, ACTIVATE, EXPLORE: Grab a Spot X 2-way Satellite Messenger; Activate by selecting your service plan; Get out there and explore the world with peace of mind

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12 thoughts on “SPOT X Messenger”

  1. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. The fact that the spot x messenger can navigate makes it a cheap valuable companion for hiking but I would not prefer it because it has just 2 ways messaging. I am glad that you posted this review it will help me and others. 

    • Hi Benny. Thank you for the great comments.

      I do my best to be honest with what each of the Satellite Messengers and Personal Locator Beacons can do or what their limitations are. 

      There is no one “best” device for everyone and as you said, and there is another device that is perfect for you. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.


  2. i must say that the spot x messenger is the best and one of the most important tools to carry on hikes. Me and my guy took them last month on the PANORAMA TRAIL and I must say it is really good as there is an onboard tracking system that helped us know the location of everyone. I must say it the best.

    • That’s great to hear your experience with the SPOT X on the Panorama trail and how you were able to know where each of your hiking team members were.

      I like the SPOT X for that reason plus to be able to message 2-ways with your team or family and friends back home.


  3. I’ve been utilizing mine now for 3 weeks. The main genuine deficiency I’ve seen is that the auto-following is to some degree conflicting. Yet, it did effectively show my area with each message I sent. I likewise like that the Google maps it sends to individuals are simple for them to get to. My 75 yr. old mother had the option to tail me on a multi day skim excursion with no issue, and revealed to me the amount she delighted in the registration messages she got. Gave her extraordinary tranquility of mine. Also, similar to you stated, the route include isn’t that incredible. I have a Garmin etrex 30e/compass/maps for that so it is anything but a serious deal to me. In addition I think future firmware updates will carry more prominent exactness to the compass include. The main genuine article I needed the gadget for is 2-way correspondence, and for that it does well indeed. Your survey maps (play on words proposed) onto my involvement in it precisely.

    • Thank you for the in depth experience and thoughts on the SPOT X. It is great to have a satellite messenger like this when outdoors, no matter what reason.

      I will be adding the Garmin inReach Mini and Explorer to my pack in January and February, so I have excited to see how these devices function, especially when the Navigation function allows for the topo maps to be displayed.


  4. Wow… This is great for outdoor sports or hiking enthusiastic people like me 

    So far, I’ve been using the phone since ever (Kyosera DuraForce). It has limited Usability when I go away from the grid. Battery life is another concern. No such thing as an SOS Distress button exist on this one either.

    For those who love going away to nature, this is a must. Never to forget, it would be useful as long you can turn it on.

    How many days does it last on a single full charge?

    Is there any companion charging kit (solar panel based chargers or so)?

    it would. Be great to see a complementary post from you on this regard.

    Thanks for your review!

    • The SPOT X battery will last approximately 240 hours or 10 days in the 10 minute tracking mode.

      I am not aware of any companion charging kit but I do know there are several solar panel chargers on the market, as well as portable charging devices. I have listed one of the portable chargers on my website at

      I will add a review article on portable chargers and solar panel chargers in the near future.


  5. Hello Rick, Thank you for writing about the SPOT X Messenger. I enjoyed your article a lot while reading and also learned a lot from it. I haven’t used Spot X yet, but now it is my first priority while going on hike. It’s benefits are amazing that I learned from your post. We will enjoy every moment being able to have contact with our family members with the help of Spot X. Thank you for your guidance.


    • I’m glad I could help give some information and understanding on how important and valuable the SPOT X is when on an outdoor adventure.

      Let me know if you buy it or if you choose another device. I would love to hear about what you choose or your experiences with it after you use it.


  6. Rick,

    Nice review. Congrats to you for reviewing an item you actually use. Makes your words have more heft. And though I don’t hike, the encouragement here for hikers, is not to leave home without the Spot X Messenger. Makes sense when you may not have cell service and you need someway to communicate, send a SOS, etc.


    • Hey JR, thanks for the comment and recognition for how important satellite messengers are. My daughter is on a search and rescue team here in Colorado and she has a lot of stories on how important these are or would have been if people would carry them.



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