SPOT X | Navigation Test Follow Up

I had voiced some concerns in some past trail reviews and Emergency Satellite Messenger reviews that I wasn’t sure if my SPOT X was laying down all the tracks that I was expecting. Well, here is my SPOT X navigation test follow up, and rest assured that it has performed as promised by the manufacturer.

SPOT X | Navigation Test Follow Up

I have used my SPOT X on 2 trails in the past week. The first one was on Badger Mountain, approximately 1 hour west of Colorado Springs, Colorado. The second test was on the Dawson Butte Ranch Open Space Trail. The tracks were laid down as promised but you will see a few gaps, which are due to some heavily forested sections of the trail.

Badger Mountain Trail

Badger Mountain is located approximately 1 hour west of Colorado Springs and is just west of Lake George, Colorado.


This trail was extremely steep and difficult in the snow but you’ll notice in the photo that is zoomed in that there should be more tracks laid down as I was on the trail for about 2 hours.SPOT X

I was on the side of a steep mountain and the forest canopy was fairly thick in a lot of the area, which would account for some missing tracks.

You need a clear view of the sky to ensure that your SPOT X is communicating with the satellites in your area.

Dawson Butte Ranch Open Space Trail

Dawson Butte is in flat terrain between Castle Rock and Larkspur, Colorado.


You’ll notice that tracks 12 and 13 are much farther away from the trail and that is due to me forgetting to turn off my SPOT X after getting back to the trailhead.

There are many more tracks laid down as there are more open areas along the trail, however, in the middle section of the trail, there are a lot of pine trees that block some of the view of the sky.


Final Thoughts

I was pleased with the performance of my SPOT X and now I know that it does lay down the tracks as promised. One word of warning, be aware of steep mountains, cliffs, and thick forests, which will block your view of the sky and may stop your SPOT X from being able to send signals to the satellites in your area.

Note: Check the SPOT coverage maps in your area to make sure you have good satellite coverage.

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4 thoughts on “SPOT X | Navigation Test Follow Up”

  1. Hey Rick, after reading your follow-up analysis of the SPOT X, I have to say that I’m pretty impressed! As always, GPS navigation is getting better over time and from what I see here the SPOT X is no joke.

    At the time of writing here, I’m thinking of getting one for myself this summer as we have a lot of trails and parks around where I live here in Canada. Well, as long as I can get it for a good price anyway!

    Thanks for the details good sir, and happy hiking to you!

    • REI is having some great sales right now on the SPOT X so you may want to take advantage of that.

      Interestingly enough, the SPOT devices were designed and created in Canada, especially for the snow plow operators and those operating a long way away from towns when the cell phone coverage doesn’t exist.

      I am planning on buying one or two more so my son and daughter and I can keep in communication if we get separated on the trail. We will be taking some long hikes and backpacking trips together in Colorado in 2020.


  2. Hello; Is the Spot x device that is displayed here is it a security gadget to take when traveling in the woods or on the Badger mountain trails, that will help you to ensure you are in a safe area or help you to find your way back home? 

    Even when some of the trails are obscured by trees a wide area is visible. The Dawson Butte Ranch trails look like they are more easily traverse from where I am. I hope to see it for myself one of these days, not in the winter though!


    • Hi, the SPOT X is an Emergency Satellite Messenger that allows you to message friends, family, or others in your group. It communicates via satellite and has an S.O.S. function that will call in search & rescue teams if you are in a life threatening situation.

      You can add waypoints which can help you navigate to other people or a particular place, and even back home or to the trailhead.

      I don’t hike without it any longer. There have been several close calls when I have been hiking, either to myself or someone else in my group.

      Please let me know if you have any additional questions.



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