SPOT X | Out of the Box

Take a look at my new SPOT X and let’s see what all comes with it. I’ve been using the SPOT Gen3 for the last two months so I’m interested to see the differences between the two.

SPOT X Bluetooth

SPOT Gen 4

SPOT X | Out of the Box

The SPOT X came packaged in 3 boxes. It had the mailing box, the primary box the device comes in, plus the SPOT X is within a second box or cardboard holder as you will see in the second picture below.

SPOT X Packaging

SPOT X Package & Quick Start Guide

You can see the warranty and quick start guide are included. You will see in the next photo that it also comes with the USB charger, which also syncs the device and updates the firmware. There is a handy strap that is easy to attach to your pack.

SPOT X & Accessories

SPOT X Quick Start Instructions

The first thing you need to do is charge up you SPOT X. After this, you need to activate your spot and set up your account and subscription plan.


Before we get to that I want to show you the specifications and compare the size of the SPOT X to the SPOT Gen3.

SPOT X SpecificationsSPOT X vs SPOT Gen3

You can clearly see that the SPOT X is nearly twice the size of the SPOT Gen3. I want to remind you that the SPOT Gen3 is a 1-way satellite messenger and the SPOT is a 2-way satellite messenger. You can learn more about the SPOT Gen3 HERE.

SPOT X Activation and Subscription Plans

After you register your SPOT X, you will need to select a subscription plan. The SPOT X will not work until you select a plan and pay up. You can see the subscription plans below. There are two plans that are based on a yearly contract and a Flex plan that allows you to use it when you want. It costs more per month but is much cheaper over the course of a year.

SPOT Subscription Plans (12 mo.)SPOT X Flex Monthly Subscription Plan

There are also 3 additional services you can add. One is the GEOS coverage, that will pay for some of the expenses if a search and rescue team is dispatched to you. The 2nd optional coverage is the replacement coverage followed by the SPOT S.O.V. service. The SPOT S.O.V. service if for things such as your car breaking down. There are other plans that provide this service but none that I am aware of that will respond to your satellite message when you are outside of cell coverage.

GEOS Optional CoverageProduct Replacement & SPOT S.O.V. Service

Take a look at my Video on YouTube:

Final Thoughts

The SPOT X was nicely packaged and was easy to activate and setup. Within 2 hours I had the activation taken care of, my contacts entered, my messages modified or customized, plus several other miscellaneous settings taken care of.

I have been happy with the SPOT X so far and just today I went for a hike near Conifer, Colorado and had my first field test with it.

I created a new Blog of the SPOT X 2 Way Satellite Messenger Field Test 1. Take a look at it HERE.

Learn more about the SPOT X at my SPOT X Review page.

I would love to hear your comments on the SPOT X if you will leave a comment below or you can Email me with your questions.

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World Wide Coverage


2-Way Messaging




Tracking & Sharing


Initial Cost & Subscription Plan



  • 2-Way Messaging
  • Built-In Keypad
  • Unique U.S. Cell Phone Number
  • Post to Social Media
  • Built-In Compass


  • Size & Weight
  • No Smartphone Interface

10 thoughts on “SPOT X | Out of the Box”

  1. Hello there, its nice learning how to spot X is outside the box and the first thing to do when you get yours. This is my first time coming across this device and from its feature you have stated here, i really like the build in compass it has and a special cell number that comes with it. Does it have a GPS tracker? Because you didn’t mention it in its pros

    • It does have a GPS tracker. You can lay tracks down for others to follow and you can set waypoints in the navigation menu. You can also send your location to someone else with a satellite messenger and they could make their way towards your position.

      It’s a great device.


  2. Clearly enough to see that the spotX is surely an improvement on the former spot Gen 3. One thing i like most is the fact that this is a two way satellite offer and that is great. Though it surely lacks in the smartphone interface and all, but then that doe not diminish the way it works and how well it works. This is great and I appreciate it all. I will await your post on how it works when you go for hiking with it.

    • I actually went hiking today with it for the first time. It worked great. I will post a field test review of it, most likely next week. The messages were really easy to create and send and it was easy to navigate around the menu. I found the keyboard to work really well also.


  3. Excellent review, I had the Spot gen3 as well and thoroughly enjoyed it so I was glad to come across your thoughts on the Spot X. It is definitely and upgrade, and should be perfect for our hikes, especially when I visit my family up in the Ozarks. Thank you for the in depth review, and all of the great information. I’m going to pick up one now! 

    • Hey Travis. I took the SPOT X out today in the mountains around Conifer, Colorado and it worked perfectly. The custom messages were really easy to create with the built-in keyboard. I will have a Field Review of the SPOT X up next week. Thanks for your thoughts on the SPOT X.


  4. In simple words, this spot X is well packed and very well structured too. Being able to set up easily within some hours is another good thing as it is simply a DIY process. It is no lies  that it is better than the spot Gen3 and that is also good. Since is seems a lot more handy compared to the smaller size of the gen3. I actually like the look of this and also the specifications too looks great. 

    • Hi Shelley. It is bigger but honestly, I only noticed it on me when it was swinging by the clip a few times on some rugged terrain today on my hike. I quickly secured it by using my trekking pole strap and that kept it from moving around. After that, it never bothered me or felt to heavy on my pack.

      The 2-way messaging will be important to some people, as it is for me, and I really liked it after using it on my first time out.


  5. Hello Rick, thanks for giving a clear distinction between these two devices and also helping readers know what to expect and what to do when you get your Spot X device. My husband goes hiking a lot and in most cases his mobile device is usually unreachable when he goes that far and it gets me worried. The spot x would be of great benefit if he gets one. Hope i can get it from amazon.?

    • You sure can get it at Amazon and they are offering $50 off right now. 

      I love the 2-way messaging so you can let people know you’re okay or need help and you can also stay in contact with other members of your group if you get separated.



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