ZOLEO 2-Way Messaging

Learn more here about the ZOLEO 2-Way Messaging.


ZOLEO Messaging Features

  • Satellite CoverageZOLEO Satellite Communicator
  • Global Pole-to-Pole Coverage
  • Two-way Messenger
  • Wifi, Cell, and Satellite Service
  • Bluetooth Sync to Your Smartphone
  • Location Share Message
  • Check-in Message
  • Create a Custom Message
  • Syncs with Your Contacts List


Final Thoughts

The ZOLEO is one of the best communicators on the market, primarily because it will change automatically from WIFI, Cell Service to Satellite Service without you having to do a thing.

The ZOLEO may not be great at navigating, but it will win the battle against almost every other satellite communicator when it comes to how well it communicates.

Check out this YouTube field test video below for more information.

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