Check out this ZOLEO SOS Test and learn more about how to call for help in a life threatening emergency.


SOS Emergency Test

You should always take some time to contact emergency services and set up a test so you can be more confident if you ever need to contact SOS.

Select this link by clicking HERE, to schedule an emergency SOS test.

SOS Preparation

Make sure you prepare if you ever need to use SOS.

  • Set up your SOS Contacts on the Website before Heading Out
  • Check to make sure your contacts are in Your ZOLEO App Before Heading Out


Actual ZOLEO SOS Test

I decided to schedule a ZOLEO SOS test, following the instructions above. You can see the YouTube video of the actual test in the link below.

Final Thoughts

ZOLEO is extremely good at SOS and communication as it will work in WIFI, Cell Service and Satellite Service, and will switch automatically between all of these to make your life better.

Check out this YouTube video below for more information.

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