Garmin Backpack Tether

The Garmin Backpack Tether is the perfect way to secure your satellite messenger to your pack, plus it puts it in the best place to get a great view of the sky and it’s also out of your way.

Garmin Backpack Tether

The backpack tether is simple to use and it’s not expensive.

Garmin Backpack Tether

Garmin  Backpack Tether Accessory for Garmin Devices
176 Reviews
Garmin Backpack Tether Accessory for Garmin Devices
  • Backpack Tether
  • Durable nylon harness wrap
  • 2-Inch - 14-Inch adjustable strap
  • Compatible with the following Garmin Series: eTrex 10,20,30-Oregon-Dakota-GPSMAP 62

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There’s no reason to write a long article on this other than to point you to a short YouTube video that shows how easy it is to attach to your pack and how it works. See the video below.

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