Somewear Global Hotspot Review

This Somewear Global Hotspot is made for the adventurer who wants to get outdoors, yet stay safe and be informed.

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In this Somewear Global Hotspot Review we will dig deep into this unique emergency satellite messenger that has the ability to do so much more and make your outdoor experience more relaxing and enjoyable at the same time.

Here’s what the Somewear Global Hotspot Offers

  • Compact & LightweightSomewear Global Hotspot
  • SOS Distress Call
  • 2-Way Messaging
  • Turns Your Smartphone Into a Satellite Messenger
  • Syncs With Your Smartphone (Bluetooth)
  • 100% Global Coverage
  • Share Your Location with Friends & Family
  • Communicate with Other Members in Your Group
  • Weather Forecasts
  • Flexible Data Plans

Let’s take a closer look at this incredible device that connects you to the world, no matter where you are.

Compact & Lightweight

The Somewear Global Hotspot comes in at an incredible 4 ounces and is only the size of a small wallet. It is 3.6″ tall, 3.0″ wide and 0.8″ thick. Now that’s something you can carry anywhere you go.

Somewear Global Hotspot Review

This doesn’t even have to be used in the outdoors. If you’re somewhere in the world that has inconsistent cell coverage then this device can really give you peace of mind that you can always contact friends and family anywhere.

SOS Distress Call

Accidents do happen when your on that perfect adventure. It may not happen to you but you may come across a life-threatening situation that you can help with and send that message or make the SOS distress call.

Somewear Global Hotspot Review

The SOS call notifies GEOS, located in Houston, Texas. They are standing by 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. GEOS will track your device and notify local SAR teams that are in your area. You will be able to communicate directly with the GEOS team and they will provide you with critical updates as to the status of the SAR team. You information to them about your injuries, condition and location can make a tremendous difference in how quickly they get to you and will help them be more prepared for how to treat you when they arrive.

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2-Way Messaging

Do you want to stay in touch with your friends when you’re out on the backpacking trip, or do you have friends in your group that decides to explore in different areas and you want to make sure you can stay in contact with them? The Somewear Global Hotspot turns your smartphone into a satellite messenger so you can communicate anywhere and at any time, any place in the world.

Turns Your Smartphone Into a Satellite Messenger

This device can be synced with Bluetooth technology and turns your smartphone into an anywhere phone. We have all traveled into areas with little or no cell service and we are all surprised at how connected we are personally to our phones and the technology we use every day. The Somewear Global Hotspot guarantees you that whether you are hiking or traveling somewhere in the world, you can be sure you will have coverage the world over.

100% Global Coverage

This is a proven and reliable “pole to pole” network that actually covers the entire earth. If you are concerned about the coverage of some of the other models, then the Somewear Global Hotspot is the choice for you.

Somewear Global Hotspot Review

The Iridium Satellite Network will send your SOS call 24/7 to the rescue monitoring center operated by GEOS. When you want to send or receive messages, navigate far from home or know that you SOS distress call will reach the right people, then this is the system you want.

This go-anywhere satellite messenger gives you all the luxury in the world, and you can rest assured that you can use your device anywhere you go.

Share Your Location with Friends & Family

The Somewear Global Hotspot allows you to share your location with friends and family to let them know you’re okay and don’t need to be rescued. You know how family can get sometimes. This small, pocket sized device brings the world to your fingertips when you need it the most.

Communicating with Friends

Communicate with Others in Your Group

Another thing many of us forget sometimes is how often our group splits up on a backpacking trip or hike. Nearly every backpacking trip I have ever been on, our group has chosen to split up and explore different areas. Someone may want to see the world from the highest peak and others may want to spend their time at the river or lake fishing. There may be a great waterfall to go see and there are always reasons why we usually split up but this is another situation where an emergency may occur and it would be great to be able communicate with each other.

Weather Forecasts

Weather can always cause grief when out in the wilderness and you have miles between you and civilization or significant shelter. The weather started building on me in the afternoon on my latest hike and I would have felt better, knowing what kind of weather was building and if there was a chance of thunderstorms, as I was above the tree line for several hours. The Somewear Global Hotspot solves that problem for you.

Weather Forecasts with Somewear Global Hotspot

Flexible Data Plans

Somewear Global Hotspot offers several flexible data plans starting at $15/month.

Somewear Global Hotspot - Data Plans

My Final Thoughts

This really is a great, compact and lightweight emergency satellite messenger that brings the power of a global satellite system to your fingertips and allows you to use your smartphone anywhere in the world. It would be great to have on an outdoor adventure or a trip to a remote part of the country where you know you will lose cell service.

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Check out this Somewear Global Hotspot field test in the YouTube video below for more information.

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Somewear Global Hotspot


World Wide Coverage


2-Way Messaging




Tracking & Sharing


Initial Cost & Subscription Plan



  • Compact & Lightweight
  • 2-Way Messaging
  • SOS Distress Call
  • Location Tracking
  • Global Satellite Network


  • Must be Synced with Smartphone
  • Initial Purchase Price
  • Must Rely on Phone Battery Life
  • or Carry Portable Charger

4 thoughts on “Somewear Global Hotspot Review”

  1. Awesome review! I really appreciate that this device that has 100% global coverage, and makes it possible to be able to share your location with friends and family. I believe Somewear is for hardcore back-country adventurers that have plans a week long expedition to hunt Dall sheep in Alaska (lol!). Is it true that one will need to pay a monthly Iridium service fee? I’ll be looking forward to your reply.


    • I love the thought of not losing cell service again with a device like this.

      You do have to purchase a data plan and they start at $15/month and go up to $50/month or there is a yearly plan for $100/year, which would work out to be $8.33/month.

      I have updated my website with the data plan at the bottom if you would like more information about the data plans.


  2. WOW!!! excellent review, I could not imagine this kind of device performing all these function,indeed technology has done perfectly,the Somewear Global Hotspot is fantastic with the features because the first hotspot device I used do not have all these functionalities,and is not as durable/portable like this,my favorite  feature  is the weather forecast which really draws me more to read every word from your post,I salute your writing prowess on this device,thank you for sharing,this is helpful indeed.


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