SPOT X Bluetooth Field Test

It took some time but I finally finished my SPOT X Bluetooth field test. The extra time came in finding out if I could view maps from my iPhone when connected to the SPOT X Bluetooth.

SPOT X Bluetooth

Do you want the short answer on the topo maps? You CAN’T access maps on your smartphone when connected by Bluetooth to the SPOT X. There is no way to view a map when you’re outside of cell coverage. I talked with SPOT customer service and technical support to confirm my suspicion.

SPOT X Bluetooth

So, now that we know you can’t view a topo map with the SPOT X Bluetooth, let’s take a look at how it performed in this field test, what I liked and didn’t like about it.

What I Like About SPOT X Bluetooth

  • Each SPOT X comes with a U.S. cell phone number to make messaging almost as easy as texting someone with your smartphone.
  • The built-in keyboard makes creating a unique message much faster than the Garmin inReach satellite messengers (when they are used as a standalone device).

SPOT X Built-In Keyboard

  • Having Bluetooth on the new model makes everything easier, as you can access and control things from your smartphone.
  • The larger size makes it easier to handle and use then some of the smaller satellite messengers.

What I Don’t Like About SPOT X Bluetooth

  • Topo maps are not available, as I had hoped they would be.
  • The unit is to large in my opinion.
  • Messaging takes longer then the Garmin products, from the testing I conducted.


The Bottom Line

The SPOT X Bluetooth may be the perfect satellite messenger, however, it’s not my preferred messenger due to the lack of maps, the size and the longer delay in sending and receiving messages compared to the Garmin inReach satellite messengers.

You can see a video of the entire field test below.

You can learn more about the SPOT X Bluetooth by clicking on the image below.

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2 thoughts on “SPOT X Bluetooth Field Test”

  1. Thanks for writing this very brief but informative review article on the SPOT X. Reading this article and seeing some of the features that are not available on the SPOT X, I’ll say it’s a no no for me. The SPOT X is not that bad after all, but I am very keen about it not having a topo map.

    • The SPOT X Bluetooth is a great satellite messenger but not having the topo maps is the number one drawback for me also.

      My first two choices are the Garmin inReach Explorer+ and the Garmin inReach Mini.



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