Garmin GPSMAP 66i Route Planner Training

Here is the 5th training video in the Playlist for the Garmin GPSMAP 66i Route Planner Training.

Garmin GPSMAP 67i

Garmin GPSMAP 66i

Is Route Planner Better than Course Planner?

I’ve been wondering if one of these planners is better at creating and navigating than the other and I have my answer now. Wait until the bottom of the article to find out what my opinion is.

1st Route Planner Creation

First, always make sure you smartphone is synced to your satellite communicator. Check the settings on your smartphone and the status in the Explore App.

Bluetooth Settings

Second, I always find it easier to select an aerial or satellite image to help choose points around or through obstacles.

GPSMAP 66i Satellite Map Selection

Now it’s time to create the course.

Create the route

In the Main menu, select ROUTE PLANNER, than CREATE ROUTE, SELECT FIRST POINT, followed by USE MAP.

Garmin GPSMAP 67i

Now, start selecting the points to create the route, than select the ROUTE NAME, and finally select GO.

Finish creating the Garmin route

It’s time to start navigating along the route. You’ll notice an audible alert as you approach each waypoint.

Follow the Route you Created

When you have reached your destination, you can than stop navigation. Click on the Menu button, and then select STOP NAVIGATION.

Stop Navigating the Route

You can also choose to TracBack to your starting point by selecting RECORDING CONTROLS, then arrow over to the map image at the top of the screen and select TRACBACK.

Stop Navigation and Select TracBack

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to create courses, but as you can see from some of my selections, you need to get out and test these features before heading out on your next outdoor adventure.

Are Routes Better than Course?


Courses are the new and much better way to create a path and navigate by. You can see the last video in the playlist here about how to create a course.

After field testing these features several times, I agree with Garmin’s position on this issue that you should focus on course creation and leave the route creation behind.

Check out this YouTube video on route creation.

Garmin GPSMAP 66i, GPS Handheld and Satellite Communicator, Featuring TopoActive mapping and inReach Technology, Multi
  • Large 3 inch Sunlight-readable color display for easy viewing
  • Trigger an interactive SOS to the geos 24/7 search and rescue monitoring center, two-way messaging via the 100% Global Iridium satellite network (satellite subscription required)
  • Preloaded Garmin TOPO mapping with direct-to-device Birdseye satellite imagery downloads (no annual subscription), includes multiple global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) support and navigation sensors
  • Cellular connectivity lets you access active weather forecasts and geocaching live
  • Compatible with the Garmin explore website and app to help you manage waypoints, routes, activities and collections, use tracks and review trip data from the field
  • Internal, rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 35 hours of battery life in 10-minute tracking mode and 1-minute tracking mode (display off), 200 hours in Expedition mode with 30-minute tracking

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